CareSurv satisfaction surveys

At Care Match UK, our specialised team aim to overcome issues faced by care providers with innovation and managed services. We give care providers peace of mind when it comes to Quality assurance, while gathering meaningful and actionable feedback from stakeholders from within and outside of their services.

With easy to understand emoji based question types, the flexibility to use your existing reports or start fresh with our professional templates, and virtual suggestion boxes that allow users to scan a QR code and send feedback directly to your inbox, our service increases the amount of feedback you’ll receive, enabling your home to provide a better service to everyone.

Once your surveys are complete, sit back and await your full feedback report with analysis of trends, key themes and meaningful recommendations.

Did you know you can expect, on average, a 97%* increase in engagement when using a digitalised system for gathering feedback?




Did you know that there is a 72% increase in responses when your surveys are digitised?

All reports are created in line with the Accessible information standards to ensure that people using and visiting your services have the appropriate format that they need.

CareSurv allows you to focus on continuous improvement driven by the people who matter the most – 
the people using your services.

We aim to provide a service that will make a difference to your business. By giving you feedback from all areas of your care home, in an easily digestible and accessible format, that allows you to make the changes that make an impact to everyone in your care home.

Can you evidence that your current quality assurance systems are impartial and objective?

Accessible reports

Our fully customisable and easy to read reports give you actionable data that helps to improve the service you provide for everyone in your care home.

Make life better for everyone

Take the first step towards a happier care home for all. Call now on 01843 636 188, or contact us below.
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