Elite Staffing

At Elite Staffing, we aim to deliver the highest level of care possible with compassion and empathy by providing superior staff to care services nationwide. We are proud to provide high-skilled agency care workers who are completely dedicated to their role within your service. Along with our competitive rates for experienced nurses and care assistants, who are all at the highest level, we offer both short and long term temporary contracts dependent on your needs.

Our Mission

Elite Staffing provides you with peace of mind, knowing that every individual we send to your home can adapt easily and is well equipped with a vast range of knowledge and experience within the care industry. Our goal is to change care providers’ perspectives about healthcare agency workers and inspire confidence in seeking help and support from an agency.

Our Elite Team

Our team takes pride in making people feel valued and respected at all times. The care agency staff that we hire are screened and interviewed to determine if they have what it takes to be part of the Elite team. To be employed by us, they must demonstrate that they possess top of the line care qualities, qualifications, and an attitude to respond to challenging situations. We want to instil confidence, so our staff are fully trained and can complete their daily tasks with little to no supervision due to their experience.

Once you have enquired with a request for agency staff, we will send you full profiles of each of the team members showcasing their experience and qualifications so that you can choose a worker best suited to your service. We have high-level care assistants, senior care assistants and Registered Nurses ready and waiting to work with you starting from just £16.50 per hour!

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