Leadership Training: The Role of Supervision and Appraisals

leadership training, team building in careWhile preparing our new training course material for our Leadership Training: The Role of Supervision and Appraisals, we have been looking back over theories concerning leadership.


Maslow and Tuckman vs. The Dancing Guy

Though we acknowledge Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how this can be cross-referenced into the supervision process of leadership training and Tuckman’s model of group development,  a video clip showing how a leader is distinguished by his ‘first follower’ when dancing shirtless, created a sense of nostalgia from my own time of trying to understand leadership.

I can distinctly remember the first time I saw this clip and have ever since wondered, was I the lone nut dancing shirtless? Though, the most profound lesson I took from this video is that without the right (sometimes slightly crazy) people around you who encourage and believe in you, you will simply remain an individual with ideas rather than a leader. As a leader, you must appreciate your team for who they are, recognise them as individuals and do all that you can to help them achieve their goals; find those who will ‘spark your flint’ and dance proudly beside you.

Our Leadership training course, which concentrates on supervision and appraisal processes, is a key way of recognising these aspirations and allows you the professional ability to plan goals and analyse the outcomes.

At Care Match UK, our training courses are run by our top consultants who are dedicated to innovating, supporting and enhancing all care services nationwide. Our expert trainers can offer their skillset both on-site or remotely depending on your needs and requirements.

Register your interest now or give us a call on 01843 636 188 and innovate your service with our support.

By Luke Rothwell, Director of Care Match UK

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