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Collaborating with a Power BI and data specialist, we have developed a groundbreaking plugin for digital social care records. Introducing the Care Quality dashboard, designed to automatically audit data within your care planning system and highlight providers with completed audits. Our project’s primary objective was to streamline audit processes, reducing time and skill requirements, while leveraging preventative formulas to identify and address the highest needs within services.

We’re proud to announce that this initiative now audits data for 3,000 users, offering efficient reporting functions and enhancing overall service quality.

Take a look at how one of our clients, Belmont, makes the best use of the Dashboard:

“The Managing Director uses it for full oversight of the homes. At any time he can check and see if there are any areas of concern, that can be questioned immediately. It gives him peace of mind, as well as being able to evidence full governance as the Responsible Individual.

As an auditor completing each home’s Provider Audits, I have found it so much easier using the dashboard as it gives an immediate picture of what area needs to be looked at closer. It is not just an overview, it actually allows me to dive deep within the dashboard itself.

Managers have it minimised on their screens and use it throughout the day to check the accuracy of the input information.  It helps them complete their audits, check the home statistics and save time by not having to go into each individual care plan.

It is also an excellent training platform to show carers why they input the information into their devices.”

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