Training Services

Care Match UK offers a wide range of training services utilising our expertise to support and improve care homes nationwide.

As partners of Person Centred Software, where we are registered managers on their services, we are accredited to deliver training to those that wish to innovate and improve their systems. This enables us to support providers from a user’s perspective and help your care home succeed when meeting the standards set by CQC. We also offer training for First Aid, People Handling and Fire Warden and are CPD Certified! 

Why Care Match UK?

Mandatory Training

Our Training Consultants are fully equipped and qualified to deliver all healthcare mandatory on-site training to your team. With various packages or individual training, we can ensure your team is fully certified in First Aid, People Handling and Fire Safety.

Dementia Interpreter

The Dementia Interpreters course is a commitment to learning the ‘language of dementia. With experiential elements, where delegates will have their abilities such as sight and hearing removed, provides an experience to best understand what it is like for a person with dementia. Dedicating your time to understanding and supporting people with dementia is one of the most fulfilling things that any person can do.

Senior/Nurse Training

The Senior training session provides further support for the team leaders in supervising their duty period and the day-to-day management of the PCS system. This includes dashboard and profile management, planned care, wound charts, infections management, and care planning.

Management Training

The Management training is aimed at team management and from the user’s perspective, provides training on how the team maintains oversight of the PCS system and service delivery. This training will include auditing, accident incident processes, staff management
and care planning.

Customised Training

Flexibility is key to our training provision. We work with many providers to create personalised training tailored to your needs around the usage and ongoing management of PCS. This includes operational training for owners and directors, workshops for training the trainer, and champion awards.

Device Training

Care Match UK offers bespoke and practical onsite training around handheld usage of the PCS app at the point of care delivery. With our expertise, we show the team useful tips and quick wins that will transform and improve how they use the system when providing care. We also offer cost-effective devices and device management. Think you already utilise PCS? Then why not become a PCS Pioneer!

Health Checks

Care Match UK created the first available audit that measures and rates the provider’s usage under the fundamental functions designed by our team. With this innovative service, Care Match UK will audit the system and provide a rating, action plan, and complete with a call to go through the results with your key stakeholders.

Want to know more?

Visit our FAQ page or download our Training Brochure to learn more.
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